• Frame / Joisted Masonry — Up to $10M per policy
  • MNC or better — $25M per policy
  • All CAT perils (Flood, Quake and Named Wind) will be available online, without having to refer
  • The total Soft Costs and Loss of Rental Income cannot exceed 30% of Physical Damage values

Additional Notes

  • Replacement Cost Valuation is available for existing structures under renovation subject to proper documentation prior to binding
  • Maximum Policy duration 36 months
  • Option to select "Economy", "Standard", and "Enhanced" sub-limits to meet your client's specific needs
  • Minimum premium of $2,500
  • Includes all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia


  • Technical engineered risks involving installation and testing of heavy machinery or production equipment, civil projects of any type and any project extending into any body of water
  • Currently there is no provision for quoting projects in mid-construction
  • Quota shared or layered accounts

Future capabilities forthcoming!

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